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ExPsyle, Pronounced Like "Exile"

Why, hello there! The name's Carmen and I am a music composer working in Vancouver, Canada. I normally compose music for games. Since I've also been creating music for fun and relaxation, I thought, "I should try to make some use of these recordings."

I relieve my stress by making music and you can relieve your stress by listening to my music.
Win, win! Yay!

Although most of my albums are royalty-free, please read the licenses associated with each album carefully before use.

My albums are available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, and Loudr, and free for listening on Youtube and Spotify. The relaxation stuff is on the Mellomuse channel, everything else will be on the main channel. As a result, the main "ExPsyle Music" channel is a bit of a mess with piano covers and even a random video of my pet hedgehog. Hehe...

I sometimes upload new works in the making to Soundcloud too so if you're curious about my upcoming works, that's the place to check out.

Last but not least, I have a Patreon page! If you want to stay updated regarding my future royalty-free releases, consider pledging as little as $1 to be able to download each song as I complete them. That is, before they even get put into albums! If you're an independent game developer, film maker, Youtuber, or other maker/creator type, this means you get access to music tracks before the public gets a chance to hear them. Imagine that. Just $1 and you get a song that nobody has ever heard before! If you have other special requirements, there are other special reward tiers for those. So please, check it out!


Contact Me

If you need music for your indie games, animations, student projects, or commercial projects whether they're big budget, small budget, or no budget, feel free to consult me by sending an e-mail to music.expsyle@gmail.com!